Great Warmth of a Curious Heart

Lurking in the natural world
there are sentences, still unspoken
always waiting to be written
frozen in time
waiting for the great warmth
of a curious heart

Haunting the edges of the living world
are spirits of the unspoken connectivity in people
dead and alive, the as-yet unborn
caught between planes
waiting for the flashlight beam
of a curious heart

There is an untapped seem of precious understanding
running through the foundation of all things
reverberating in the soulful moments
ringing just loud enough
to be heard by the ears
of a curious heart

Melt me
shine upon me
hear me
with your curious heart…


Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “Great Warmth of a Curious Heart”

  1. That’s how I feel about it too—the stuff we stumble upon and pen down has always been out there, just waiting for one of us to find it. Sometimes I feel like all the beautiful things have been said already, but then I run into a poem like this, and it inspires me all over again.

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    1. It does feel like that sometimes… Often, in fact. You put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard with a blank mind and suddenly find something has poured out of you and you have to question ‘where did that come from, fully formed and seemingly from nowhere’. Maybe it was always there and we just tuned into it for a second. I love your words Larisa and always look forward to reading them.

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