Tears of a Bitter Man

Just like your father
you sing that fearful song
spelling out your anger
in seven shades of bile
peeling back the hate
of the bitter man

Just like your father
constant exclamations
in the lexicon of loathing
vague and barbed
the angry poetry
of the bitter man

How saddening to hear
you singing your father’s song
How sad it is to hear
you singing his bitter song

Yet, here I find myself
cold-eying old friends in new photographs
nerves twisting
at a stranger’s conversation
silently debasing the happiest gestures
nurturing the hateful hollow

Here I find myself
clinging onto glaring disapproval
Ready to beat up on the helpless
misguided in my sense of sureness
everyone else’s fault but my own
becoming the bitter man

How saddening
to watch my grip slide
find myself crying
the hot tears
of the bitter man…


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Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

8 thoughts on “Tears of a Bitter Man”

    1. It’s really strange but at the same time unsurprising. I am certainly a 50/50 meld of both my parents, for better or worse. Have you seen the documentary 3 Identical Strangers? That’s good one to watch on this subject… 🙂 Thanks for commenting.

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    1. It is very sad, you want to help them but they’re so mad at the world they can’t see the cycles repeating. And then if you start seeing it in yourself, well, that’s even worse. But awareness is key to making changes and at least You can change and get back to helping others improve too.

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      1. For me I fall on and off this cycle it just depends on the way depression flows but when I realize it I try my best to do better. For the people I know that has this issue it can be really hard to help because you can’t help someone if they can’t acknowledge and want to help themselves. Some people have to figure things out the hard nock way sadly.

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