An interview with the writer…

Last week, I was lucky enough to be interviewed about my poetry collection One of These Years for AllFM. The interview went out over the weekend and you can listen below.

We talked about the power of poetry, the benefits of writing during lockdown, poetry as free therapy and the influence of music on my writing. With a sprinkling of songs and poetry readings too.

Enjoy 🙂

Thanks for listening!

& thanks to Ruth O’Reilly at AllFM for getting in touch.

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Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

8 thoughts on “An interview with the writer…”

  1. I have already listened. Its interesting how you discuss the inspiration of lyrics. Honestly I thought is was just me who felt the power that lyrics can have when forming poetry. With me I often find its not the meaning behind them but the words themselves, for some reason they form a spark, and then I am able to craft a poem. It was very insightful to listen to. Enjoyed. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Hannah. Funnily enough, listening back to the interview was more nerve-wracking than the interview itself 🙂 And I agree, lyrics and poems are different beasts but poetic lyrics are incredibly inspiring. Glad you enjoyed the interview by the way and thanks so much for listening. I asked them to play the Joni Mitchell song at the intro and the Smog song at the outro because those are two of my favourite songs.

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      1. Yes, that’s the same feeling I have when producing audio recordings of poems, I hate hearing my own voice back. I will have a listen to those songs as well, just to satisfy my own curiosity.
        As you know or most likely guessed, Alison Moyet is my favourite singer and a lot of her later work is very poetic and worth a listen, particularly April 10th and Reassuring Pinches. I would definitely recommend listening to them.
        Thank you for your ongoing support as well, if I am being honest joining WordPress and WriteOutLoud are two of the best decisions I have made because they have helped create my platform, which I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

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      2. My pleasure Hannah. I have noticed the Moyet love on your Twitter account. I did have a quick listen to a couple of her 80s singles a while back – I’ll give those albums a try when I get chance. At the moment I am systematically working my through my vinyl collection while I work from home during lockdown. I haven’t got to the really embarrassing records yet, thankfully.

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  2. Hi Tom,

    An informative listen. I would have to say my awakening to the world of words came through listening to turn that led to my travels into worlds far beyond my own, worlds of dangerous subversive notions like thinking for oneself.

    In days passed we thought our icons were inventing new thoughts and ways of thinking, when in reality they were simply reinterpreting what great writers had been giving us for centuries before, nothing new under the Sun I guess.

    Today I listened to Dylan summoning Blake and Anne Frank, our imaginations are infinite, is it unfortunate that they are cosseted in mortal vessels or is that the impetus for our need to express ourselves in the limited time have?

    I enjoyed listening to your thoughts and words.

    All the best,


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    1. Hi David, so good to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to listen. I have been meaning to say to you, but I think we have a similar taste in music as you always post songs by the artists I love alongside your work. I wonder how many others were inspired by lyrics, it does seem to be powerful gateway into writing and a good teacher when it comes to constructing your micro stories or sketches at emotions or experiences. The new Dylan tracks are overflowing with cultural references and imagery. I hope there’s an album on the way… In the interview I’d meant to make mention of my favourite lyricists but didn’t get chance. Hearing Roger Waters’ writing on The Wall and Wish You Were Here age 13/14 really made me ears prick up. Would love to hear who some of yours were? Anyway, stay (as) safe (as reasonably practical) 🙂 Cheers, Tom.


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