Fracture, Fill

Break it like a bone
let it jut from torn skin
it’ll be raw and sore
then snap it back in

Fracture, fill
repair and grow

Through the ache
the growth seems subtle
Once it’s healed
that muscle gets supple

Fracture, fill
repair and grow

You can’t guess the extent
to which you’re capable
without some months spent
feeling utterly breakable

Fracture, fill
repair and grow…


Thanks for reading.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

10 thoughts on “Fracture, Fill”

    1. Thank you Alisha, I’m glad you thought it worked. I could talk for hours on the subject of an answer to your question… but (like a lot of people) I turn to writing when there are painful things I want to examine, understand and release somehow. Writing poetry is an incredible form of therapy and has kept me sane through tough times. So, pain screams and shouts to be expressed…whereas joy and happiness often consume you in such a way that you just want to enjoy them and it can feel harder to make time to write about or record the joy… but the time will come!


      1. I think you perfectly captured what I was trying to get at with pain being a more immediate muse. And you gave me some inspiration for another poem! Thanks so much Tom! I’m so thankful for the connections I’m making on wordpress. They are helping me become a better writer. And thank you for including posts you’ve recently liked and blogs you’ve started following on your blog page. I have found other great writers this way, much appreciated!

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      2. Thanks Alisha, I look forward to your next poem… 🙂 Yes, there are lots of friendly and welcoming people here on WordPress, it’s been a real pleasure chatting with people about writing. It had been a secret and solo pursuit for me for years and years; and it feels really good to finally share it and talk about it with like minded people. P.S. Thanks re: the follows/likes on my blog, I didn’t know if that was useful or if anyone looked at it – glad to hear it’s helpful! 🙂 x

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