The Jealous Writer

You wrote two clumsy lines
a platitude wrapped in cliché
The Coldplay of love poetry
clocked up two hundred likes
and fourteen gushing comments

Then you wrote the same poem
every day, in a slightly different way
The adoration only spiralled
collecting fans and affirmation
how on earth do you do it?


Thanks for reading.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

14 thoughts on “The Jealous Writer”

    1. Thanks Hobbo. It normally takes me about 2 weeks to write a poem; I thought I’d see what would happen if I limited myself strictly to 5 minutes – and this came out…

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    1. Thanks Hannah, glad you liked it (and nice to see you back on WP). As I said in a previous comment, I usually spend about 2 weeks with a poem until I’m happy with every word and every line. But I’d read some drivel recently that seemed to be written in no more than 5 minutes, so I thought I’d see if I could write something I was happy with in less than 5 mins and this is what came out. A fun little experiment if nothing else.

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      1. I haven’t written or read a poem for a while. I don’t want to force words if I have nothing to say but as soon as I find I have a feeling to put across, I shall write another poem.

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    1. Haha! This poem was a bit of an experiment. I wondered if I could write something in under 5 minutes that might be more popular than my previous poem (Murmuration) which took me 2 weeks to write. It would appear I somehow succeeded. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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      1. That’s awesome. I heard people say the best songs can be written in 10 minutes. I think you’ve proven its not the time that goes into it; it’s just the way it comes out at that moment. Still, an awesome experiment. Thanks for sharing your process.

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