Keep The Camera Rolling

You’re a vulture, you’re a thief
with your hungry eyes
and bloody mouth
Ravenous for the pain
thirsty for the tears
While these sad events unfold
you’re there licking up the morsels
As she and I disintegrate
you’re standing on the sidelines
rampant with your precious inspiration
Sketching the scene so detailed
Re-chewing each mouthful of emotion
every snap of our shredding hearts
splattering your spidery black notes
scrawled wet across the page
for all time
So, we may never forget this hurt
or how it came to us so heavily

For once in your obsessive life
can you not shut that camera off
please not record this
these aching tears, these deafening screams
let the two of us
mourn our love in peace, apart
forget and move on
lighter and brighter
Now all is done and dusted
let it be dust
with no record of the depths we plunged
no permanent reminder
of this painful place…


Thanks for reading.

On the confusion of being a writer whilst you completely come apart. Raging at yourself for not being able to shut off that journalistic part of you.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

9 thoughts on “Keep The Camera Rolling”

    1. Thanks Chris, yeah, it’s a double edged sword the journalist and the human. One can’t believe their luck and the other just wants the moment to pass. It’s so rewarding to learn this one translates. 🙏

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    1. Thanks Bree, this was a throwaway poem at the time. An argument with myself. It’s exciting to see that it might also stand on its own legs too… thanks for reading

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      1. I think that also what makes it so powerful Tom… You wrote this at a specific point in your life, thinking about a specific situation… But it’s so relatable and the words so powerful all these years later 👏

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