So quickly, it’s night again
the days are short
in times such as these
The sun only stays so long
only lays its light down for so long
then it goes again
we’re plunged into night

O, could you not find a torch
or a candle or a lantern
to bring some light in here
We can’t see any hope
swimming in this darkness

So soon, it’s night again
we’re on the same street corner
I’m selling your body again
I’m selling my brain
it gets so dark round here
I almost forget about the light
there is some light, sometimes
but right now
it’s night…


Thanks for reading.

From the collection “One of These Years”. Available now.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

10 thoughts on “Night”

    1. Ah thank you, thank you. I was surely all about the dark when I wrote this. I always think of this one as part 1 with part 2 being Live In The Light, also posted on this blog somewhere… 🙏🏼

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      1. Haha. Don’t be tempted to unblock… I try to write about both and (as I get older) I find myself trying more and more to write about the grey areas in between. It’s tricky though and more confusing for readers.

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      2. How does it make you feel to revisit older poems? I’m not even the same person anymore so for me it’s weird to look back on things that I wrote a decade ago? I cringe at who I once was. 😊

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      3. It’s complicated 😊 I think I did my best writing between 2008 and 2011. I was in a bad place and then I was in a better place and all that turmoil generated what I consider to be my best work really – or most consistent. I’ve never really managed to capture the passion and emotion again outside of a few pieces here and there. I’m always trying though. The part of me that writes is quite naive, I think, and is probably still a child. So, despite me being a very different person now to how I was 10 years ago, I can still enjoy the better poems I wrote. In fact, it highlights my favourite aspect of writing; channelling the darkness or the pain into something timeless and beautiful – or trying to…

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  1. Just reading the thread, I know what you mean, Tom. What was once black and white is peppered with many shades of grey. Nothing seems so clear cut any more. I wonder if that’s part of getting older, part of my writing journey or part of these strange times.

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    1. I suspect you’re right Chris, age (or rather wisdom?) shows you the grey areas are the really interesting parts of life and that life is rarely as black and white as people (and youth) might have you believe. I also think as you get more skilled and experienced as a writer you feel more confident writing about things that aren’t black and white. The more nuanced the poem or the writing the more you are asking of your readers too.


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