Contusion Blues

Have I caught a cold?
I can feel it in my bones
this hollow sense that I can’t shake
when I gauge the current state

Newspaper, newspaper
you’re not paper anymore
and it’s not news
just the inevitable unfolding
an unstoppable rolling
towards flag waving
a dismantling, dividing
dis-united kingdom

This news, this news
gives me contusion blues…

Politics is broken, democracy’s a joke
opinions spin in the echo chambers
they’ve weaponised conjecture
demonised the expert

This malaise creeps upon us like a sickness
our unshakable, solemn sadness
with fingers tight around our wrists
I feel the dead blood pool
just beneath the surface
I can barely grip a pen (to vote)

This news, this news
gives me contusion blues…

It’s been like this for years
but I just feel 
seems to be getting worse…


Thanks for reading.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

7 thoughts on “Contusion Blues”

  1. Politics are chaos all around but I fear all these conflicts are playing right into the NWO hand and all leaders worldwide talk of the NWO openly (one currency, religion, language, etc). America is already leaning towards a Hitler state with all the Signing Statements Bush did, not to mention the constant war consumption has left America broke. We can’t even afford to take care of our veterans. It’s currently 3 a.m. here but this sort of topic gets my pulse up and most sheeple don’t want the truth. For the most part, with Trump in reign, I keep off the news.

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    1. We have millions living in poverty, especially children and the nation has just re-voted in a party which only represents the interests of the wealthy. It honestly does feel like having a cold or an illness, living in a country alongside so many people who do not see things the same way.

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      1. I feel your pain, most everyone only votes red or blue here, so independent and libertarian parties get very little coverage, the country is more divided, nothing is changing and only getting worse, and I mean we have actors for our governors and presidents, I’m ready to move to Mars.

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    1. Thanks Cassa! It’s not a very optimistic poem this one. For me, I think things have improved a little since 2019. The Governments are no better but there does seem to be a tiny bit more understanding in the public that we need to change things. Fingers crossed anyway, for all our sakes. Thanks for reading. 😊


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