Love Is What You Need

If you love it
it will be what you wanted
if you give it
you will find it’s what you lost

There is something waiting
something beautiful, waiting
if you’re patient
if you love it

You say you want to see
scenes that feed your eyes
they’re waiting, they’re all around you
if you love them

There is something happening
something beautiful, happening
if you’re open
if you love it

If it’s beauty that you want
then love it, it’s all around you
if you love it
it will be beautiful

It’s all around youโ€ฆ


Thanks for reading.

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Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

18 thoughts on “Love Is What You Need”

      1. Re posting is good idea, I think, I am still pondering on whether to delete my most recent poem, not really a fan of it to be frank, should I keep or delete?

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      2. I quite liked it Hannah but I wish it was more personal. I think poems about that kind of love or passion need to enveloping and intoxicating. Put yourself in the middle of the situation and write from that place, rather than removed or detached from it. If I was writing it (using your language) I might say something like:

        This movement…
        a beating
        binds our pulses
        Two halves holding
        the ricochet; a rhythm

        Heads pounding
        with the unstoppable allure
        of two-handedly adoring

        Could we elope
        ticking to the off-beat
        metronome melting
        Exposed in every sense

        These stolen seconds
        with her heart beating
        with my heart beating
        two-handedly we hold
        these hands we’re given…

        Or something like that ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. Wow, honestly it means a lot for you to give me this advice, honestly constructive criticism is what I would like for people to give. Sometimes I wish I could write like this but brain goes into cryptic mode. Thank you for this Tom. I will re-work it tonight using this as basis. I wish I could talk to more like minded people in person as I do not know many.

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      4. Oh phew, I wasnโ€™t sure if maybe that was a bit rude of me. Essentially; write as passionately and openly as you can. Use the most emotive language you can muster to communicate the feelings. Use the anonymity of โ€˜the mystery poetโ€™ to say things boldly and surprise yourself. Cryptic has a time and place, but you want the reader to understand you and feel whatever youโ€™re trying to communicate; I like puzzles but sometimes I just want to be kicked in the stomach ๐Ÿ˜‰

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