To Be Adored…

One day, I would love to sign my name
be wildly proud to autograph a volume
My words printed there in glorious black ink
Type-set, spell-checked and bar-coded
head-shot just inside the hard cover…

And the girl opposite says she loves my work
the way it resonates with her own feelings
gives a voice to what has gone unsaid
she and her beau read them at night

I’d be one step closer to meeting my potential
achieved something of worth
So, when my child wants to know me
they can be proud of what I made

And though, at times, my emotions ran so cold
my self-worth, some nights, practically sub-zero
I managed to focus my thoughts long enough
to shape them into a tidy poem

Illustrate each feeling I have wrestled through
let others know they’re not alone
Give language to annunciate their hurt
in return, all I want
is their respect
and to be adoredโ€ฆ


Haha, well, that young man didn’t want much… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading this very old poem.

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Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

20 thoughts on “To Be Adored…”

    1. Thanks Bree, it made me smile to stumble across this one and I kind of remember writing it all those years ago. I never thought I’d share those words with anyone else, let alone everything else I’d written. I don’t think I really believed it would ever really happen but it felt good to set out my stall.

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