Hush Little Nightmare

Quiet, quiet
calm and still
closed eyes can rest
sleepy head can drift

Quiet, quiet
gentle thought
no more mess to address
no more questions to molest you

Finally cut free
spill out, drift on
into a new sea
palms laid on fresh skin

Fretted for years
worried for a living
guilt; it breaks your heart
the quietest of all
let it go, let go
they’ll never know

Reborn, reborn
the duty is renewed
don’t ruin, don’t wreck
just hush your wondering

Quiet, quiet
free from white noise
no more hate to abate
no betrayal to wade through

Let your senses roam
let your hope bloom
no fray in the rope of love
you cling to, now

You’re free, you’re free
the creep can sleep
but must not repeat
don’t speak
just hush
little nightmare…


Thanks for reading.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

21 thoughts on “Hush Little Nightmare”

    1. Thanks! 🙂 And absolutely… The mental gymnastics of trying to tame the darkness so you can sleep through those past transgressions…


      1. I’m still finding my feet, and voice, in recording my own, or others’ words. Just as we never see ourselves as others see us, we never hear ourselves as others do. Apparently it is all to do with how we hear ourselves through bone conduction and the ears, whereas we hear a recorded version just through the ears!

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