Dark At The End of The Street

We’ve had some fun
but our story is complete
The moral knife still twisting deep
That improper thing must always be beat
So, you turn your back
and off you creep

Promising me each memory
you’ll fondly keep
And with my battered trust
and my itchy feet
how firmly you believe
I’ll casually retreat
back into the dark
at the end of the street

We knew the rules, we knew the game
and still we had to cheat
We wrote through sun
and rain and sleet
We thought ourselves immune
our passion so discrete
now the choice is made
we casually hit ‘delete’

You’re so sure
my heart won’t miss a beat
we blackened many notebooks
we tore out many sheets
So much goes unsaid
those poems stay incomplete
All filed away in the dark
at the end of the street

Do you think me as some devil
replete with tricks and treats
it seemed like art at first
something so unique
An open mind, an open cage
a bird that often leaves
And yet here we are again
that same story on repeat

What made your soul once leap
now feels so obsolete
Was there always something missing
a fatal flaw in this conceit
It no longer matters
our time, we did deplete
my footsteps fade into the dark
at the end of the street

Where I fein my understanding
and wrestle with relief
Peering out
through the dampening eyes of my defeat
I’ll fold myself so small
my vanishing so neat
I slip from this scene
back into the dark
at the end of the street…


Thanks for reading. All emotions are imagined.


Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

12 thoughts on “Dark At The End of The Street”

  1. Now you have me pondering on your statement that “All emotions are imagined.” Is that a general point, or specific to this piece? Thereby hangs a tale! Is it yours to tell, or any one of us?

    This poem seems to me to be a new tangent for you Tom. It may just be that my mind has been addled by the excess heat over the past few days but the tale seems more contrived than usual. Is that just me?

    In any case, I like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading Peter. I have been doing a few more ‘relationship’ ones of late… my current theme is ‘entanglements’. I’ve got one more to finish then I’ll be moving on to other things. I’m even writing one about a shed – thanks to you… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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