Grandad’s Shed

So many warm afternoons
spent in my Grandad’s endless garden
Home to my first and only treehouse
when air-raid siren tests
still filled those Northern streets

And most magical of all
the rough lumber shed he’d built
A place of wooden-handed tools
you had to carefully maintain with oil
tools that would have been his grandad’s

A place where big furry bees
chose to die with dignity
behind his motorcycle helmet
or a row of ancient cricket balls
by jam jars full of sorted screws

Eighty eight lead weights
from the keys of some deceased piano
kept for… I’ve no idea
Drawers of bakelite switches and fuses
A big old crate of things for me to play with

Such fascinating bits
of dismantled gadgets
all teaching me to wonder
to pay attention, and to imagine
how everything might work

I’m still fascinated now, still want to know
how all of this might work
So, I show my working out
right here on the paper
writing with his old fountain pen…


Thanks for reading.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

15 thoughts on “Grandad’s Shed”

      1. I have! But you know me… You probably won’t see it published for a month or more (so organised).
        Also… It’s called Sewing Kit, not sowing kit 😂


    1. Thanks Peter 🙂 Between your comment and ThoughtsBecomeWords’s comment you’ve made me want to go back and fill this poem with even more fascinating details… There could be hundreds of verses celebrating all those precious little memories. Thanks for the shed inspiration too.

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    1. Thanks Frances/Sue! I’m so pleased that’s the theme you picked out here – I had planned to rewrite this to put my grandad front and centre in the story as it was from him I learned so much – but I think he deserves many more poems so this is just one small part of the story. Cairo On The Radio (also on my blog) is part 1. Thanks for reading.

      Liked by 1 person

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