Petrol Green Eyes

Furtively, you smile
as I dive
into your petrol green eyes
we’ve run out of words tonight

My unspeaking lips
form the shape of a silent promise
to burn
my house to the ground

For there is only
you and me now…

And I hear the screams
of my old way of life
And the swirl of ashes
of somebody’s broken heart

And a twinge of shame
so swiftly erased
in the rising dance
of flame

For there is only
you and me now…


Thanks for reading.

Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

5 thoughts on “Petrol Green Eyes”

    1. Peter, yes, exactly that… the moment when you’re staring deep into the eyes of someone or something that you realise is the start of a new part of your life and all that came before is left in flames or in the bin… a pivotal moment that comes only once or twice in most lives; and sets fire to all that came before.

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