Division Street

I heard that telephone ringing
at the one remaining box
down on the street
on Division Street

If one of us answers the call
they ain’t coming back
whichever one of us goes
to answer that phone
they ain’t coming back

I woke up restless in the night
opened a window for some air
the whole city poured straight in
over siren wail and drunk’s lament
I could hear that ringing sound

Moonlight is at our glass again
the summer heat is rattling the pane
I can’t sleep for the life of me
through the sound of that phone’s coarse plea

If either of us answers the call
they ain’t coming back
whoever it is to answer that phone
they ain’t coming back

Well now, I haven’t slept
since my birthday week
that ringing has been robbing me of sleep
I think I’ll have to go down
and I may be some time…


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Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

11 thoughts on “Division Street”

      1. I think what you’ve done here is what any poet would do, the best poems are the ones that nobody truly understands. Well that’s my view anyway. Have you done an audio recording of this?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Hannah. There’s a fine line between leaving things open to interpretation/ambiguity and also giving the reader enough of a hint as to what you’re hoping they might take away – but ultimately, I never know how people take this stuff until they tell me 🙂 No audio for this one – but I should get time tomorrow or Wednesday to record a couple so perhaps I’ll get this one down.

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