Born To Muse

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In the hammering rain of last night
I slept the best I have all week
I slept deeper, longer
than I have done for months

And would you guess who I should meet there
on the dream stools
at the dream bar
ordering her dream gin
sliding me a dream beer

Well, you come here often
I don’t have to ask
I’ve seen you here so many nights before
but it has been a while
(and I’ve missed you)

Back in real life; you live so freely
you’re pure inspiration to me
a scholar of your beauty
besotted by your confidence, your creativity

And when we went our separate ways
(did we ever really agree on one path anyway?)
after all those notebooks you drove me to fill
after the purest verses I fear I may ever spill

When we went our separate ways
you found yourself an artist
and now you’re all he paints
day drinking, or in the nude
the ways I still remember you
you… you were born to muse

Sitting on the dream couch
in the dream bar
your dream knees
pushing against dream me

you… you were born to muse…


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Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

16 thoughts on “Born To Muse”

    1. Ahhh – thank you. You’re testing my ability to come up with new ways of saying thank you… 🙂 The Beatles is an interesting connection to have made. Let me know if you hone in on the link? I don’t listen to them myself but if there’s a track you can point me to, I’d love to check it out. This was one of those rare moments when writing the last couple of lines sent a shiver down my spine and I knew I’d captured exactly what I wanted to say in the first draft!


      1. Can’t remember which song. It’s been awhile since I listened to it, but I think it has a similar feel to this. Then again sometimes things that remind of other things are not as easy to pick out as we first think. I see what you mean. When you can get it in the first draft that is usually the best feeling.

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