Moonlight (now with audio)

I casually looked up
from flicking through some book
I saw the way you stood
Hell, we’d better look alive
while we’ve got the time…

You met me by The Globe
the whole world waiting with bated breath
you were purring ”are you in?”
O, I’m in…

We blew along the Southbank
for one night only
kissing by the wheel
I kissed you deep within the shadows
a thousand lights tied in the trees

My hand reaching, slowly, for yours
as the tower struck out its chimes
and the moonlight on the Thames
never looked so fragile…

If there is any kind of magic
it is between two bodies
that understand and share
something elemental

The taxi driver asked
if you were my wife
I turned
looked into your eyes
and I lied

Your plane’s leaving in the morning
its engines ticking in our bloodstream
for tonight; there’s no tomorrow
we’ll just indulge this feeling

In some other world
it would be alright
in some other life
this lasts a lifetime

A little kiss of magic
brightens the edges of our lives
it was a little kiss of magic
lighting the edges of our lives

But the moonlight on the Thames
never felt so fragile…


Thanks for reading.


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Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

29 thoughts on “Moonlight (now with audio)”

  1. Prepare yourself Tom… I’m going to gush over this poem; art like this is why I love poetry. I find myself there in the air by the river, being held and kisses with a sweetness that can only be found in such a temporary moment. Your ability to paint emotive and passionate pictures is outstanding and a talent you should be proud of. I fall in love with poetry like this and my heart becomes overwhelmed by the beauty and skill found within it. Bravo my friend, bravo. This is poetry written by a true poet 👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well… thank you! The gush made me blush. How lovely. I completely agree with your desire to fall for poems in that way; that’s what I’m always hoping for when I read. So, I’m particularly honoured you thought this was one of those poems. Thank you indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cassa. I’m working a few poems at the moment and injecting some ‘magic’ is proving to be beyond me – so I’m pleased to hear you thought there is some in this poem! Thanks for reading and commenting.


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