Poetry Paperbacks

I have two poetry collections available to purchase.

Both available in paperback and Kindle editions.

The Shipwrecker’s Lamp was released at the start of 2021 and contains mostly newer poems written between 2018-2020. There is also a generous helping of other poems from the last ten years. I’m especially proud of this collection as it reflects the person I have become as an adult.

The poems are varied and cover a multitude of emotions, thoughts and observations but the mood here is more hopeful and with a larger dash of wisdom thrown in. On reflection, I wish I’d chosen a brighter and more upbeat cover design and title for this book but I will let the poems speak for themselves.

This collects together the best of my recent writing, including There Will Be Birds In The Morning, Rooftop Reverie, High Tide/Low Life, The Causeway Between Our Hearts and Marriage.

Available now on Amazon worldwide

One of These Years… was released in early 2020 and contains poems spanning from the present right back to 2003. There is more experimentation with style, voice and meter in this collection.

The mood shifts between despairing, hopeful, resolved and questioning. The tales are often romantic and many times unrequited. The overall experience is very much taking a ride with someone discovering who they are as a person and a writer.

This contains all my best earlier work and many of my personal favourites; including This Infinity, Anatomy of Longing, Can You Hear The People Sing? and Born To Muse.

I think a 3rd book will be some years away but the writing continues. It never truly stops. If you’re interested in my work, please do buy the books. Seeing a purchase come through is a great motivation to keep going and keep trying to be better.

If you’d be interested in purchasing a signed copy of either (or both) books directly from the author, drop me a line: tom.alex.write@gmail.com or comment below with your question and I’ll get in touch.

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