Holly Hagg

Pen devoid of poems
adventure long overdue
living room carpet
growing long in the tooth
I’m pining for movement
so keen to get out
I’ll go walking down
to Holly Hagg

Little glimpses at normality
haloed by golden rays
There’s no poison
in the idle river
no politics
in the quiet horse
cantering to
another chew

The clouds of working day
part while I’m out walking
bathed in nature’s endless beauty
which never disappears
only ever obscured by thought
or perspective
Eased back into focus
on the road
to Holly Hagg

With every step I take
the tension unspools
And there are words, waiting
ideas that come to me
pinned to ancient fenceposts
nestled in the cracks between the stones
making up the wall
that keeps me on the road
to Holly Hagg

The walk becomes a gallop
blood pumping in my chest
body now loose enough
for every step to be a dance
I am light and free
as I close the distance
on my prized poetry
and the generous view expands
beyond Holly Hagg…


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Published by

Tom Alexander

"Art is a lie that tells the truth"

22 thoughts on “Holly Hagg”

    1. Ah thank you Kim, I’m so pleased. All I can manage to write these days is lockdown reveries, but this has been my most elating discovery. Who knew their was a high to be found in simply moving! 🙏

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  1. Really nice the cantering in the horse, and the mirroring of that in the narrator running, the freedom feeling… the momentary escape from lockdown and/or work, and the inspiration that fresh outlook and movement brings from nature…

    “And there are words, waiting
    ideas that come to me
    pinned to ancient fenceposts
    nestled in the cracks between the stones
    making up the wall
    that keeps me on the road…”

    I especially like that part, very visual and evocative!

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    1. Thanks Lia 🙂 You have picked my favourite bit too. Exercise is just magic isn’t it; lifts your mood and brings you inspiration too. I’m really pleased you enjoyed, it’s so rewarding to share those moments of pure happiness with others through writing these little poems of mine. 🙏🏼

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      1. Totally (re: exercise)!!! Thanks so much for reading my work, was happy to find yours in return, the walks/runs in nature are definitely something I can relate to! 🙏🙌🌻 That last poem of yours about your grandfather though was truly a work of art as well. Keep sharing! :)))

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    1. Hi Alisha, thanks so much. I was glad to be able to record this little discovery in a poem (AKA time capsule) to reflect on in years to come. What an odd year. All my recent poems (A Most Comfortable Prison, Holly Hagg, Cairo On The Radio and Step Change) came to me while out walking. If you’re looking for inspiration, it’s out there waiting; get the blood pumping in your chest and it will present itself. I’m looking forward to reading what you put down. 🙂 Tom.

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      1. I agree Tom, inspiration is out there waiting and I am often inspired by walking. My problem is that I have been unable to go for my regular walks since March so am missing out. I hope to be able to resume soon!

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      2. Ah Peter, yes, I hope you can get out again soon. That must be very frustrating. I try to leave my phone at home when I get out and the other day had forgotten to take a pen and notepad with me… The poem ‘Mayor of Kabul’ popped into my head and, after 10 irritating minutes of searching the ground for a discarded biro, I realised I could dictate the poem into my Apple watch and email it to myself. I like it when technology actually helps the creative process! I hope you get out again soon.

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    1. Thanks Chris. The reason I re-posted this one was because I was out walking the other day and thinking how happy it makes me and how many ideas come to me when I’m walking and how I should write a poem about that… but, of course, I’ve already written that poem and this is it. Maybe it’s time for a sequel? 🙂 Thanks for reading and all your support. I really do appreciate it.

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    1. Ha thanks Bree. As I said to Chris, I really wanted to write another poem about this exact same thing, but maybe this one already says it all. I’ll have to turn my attentions elsewhere…


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